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As Lutherans we believethat we are saved by the grace of God alone — not by anything we do — through faith alone — we only need to trust God, made known in Christ, who promises us forgiveness, life and salvation.  We believe that the Bible is the norm for faith and life — the true standard by which teaching and doctrines are to be judged

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By dint of first birth, Bethel Lutheran Church gets to be the big sister.  Its history begins in 1866 with its first worship service.  Bethel was dedicated in 1867.  You may still hear the names today of families responsible for Bethel’s beginning: the Springs, Slaters, Myers, Paxtons, Bartletts and Fawleys.


Bethel is located on Tankerville Road (see map), midway between Lovettsville and Point of Rocks, just off Lovettsville Road.  Sunday services are held at 10:45 AM; Holy Communion is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of each month.  A fellowship potluck is held on the second Sunday of each month; and a community picnic is held annually — all neighbors, friends and families are welcome.  Each year Bethel hosts a “Blessing of the Animals” service, followed by a picnic luncheon.


Zion Lutheran Church  dates its beginnings to 1892, a date carved in the stone above its front door.  Located on Morrisonville Road (see map), its setting invites communion with God:  a lazy creek flowing nearby, the Short Hill mountain in view only a short distance away.  At Zion and Bethel on Sunday mornings, we share a greeting, “God loves you and so do I,” that unfailingly sets off a joy and energy that characterize the service to follow.


Bethel and Zion are very much in the world, helping and serving where we find a need.  Our church communities are built on loving relationship to our Triune God, to one another and to our neighbors — those near and far beyond our church walls.


Just as Jesus Christ made time to nourish himself and his disciples and followers, we foster fellowship and community within our congregations with relationship-building, soul-nourishing events.


We welcome all persons, regardless of ethnic heritage, religious background, etc




October 21, 2019


Zion 9:00 AM Bethel 10:45 AM




We will be utilizing our phone tree during inclement weather and it will also be posted on our Website.


What is the ELCA?

Find out about the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and the history of this wonderful organization on our What is ELCA page.








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